Bad Teacher

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Bad Teacher gives Cameron Diaz a chance to challenge herself as a comic actor but falls short when it comes to pushing the boundaries of bad taste nullifying its title

Cameron Diaz has always been a hit or miss, much like the movies which she stars in. While she is an actress with a genuine comic touch, she seldom gets to showcase her natural flair for comedy. Bad Teacher gives Diaz that chance to challenge herself and carry a movie on her slender shoulders and the actress rises to occasion quite admirably. Unfortunately, the screenplay (by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky) of this film directed by Jake Kasdan fails to push boundaries both in term of bad-taste comedy and raunchiness. Still, the film works to a large extent, thanks to its actors who enthusiastically revel in its silliness. Diaz plays Elizabeth Halsey, who is forced to take up teaching after being dumped by her uber rich boyfriend. At school, she finds the new substitute teacher Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake) to be a rich guy and to win him over, she decides to opt for breast-enlargement surgery. But the procedure comes at a cost and Elizabeth decides to save every penny by hook or crook. Meanwhile, the school’s PET (the thankless Jason Segel), who matches word for word with Elizabeth is attracted to her. Add an ultra-ambitious female teacher (whom Scott likes) to the mix and you have a film that can be funny even with very little effort. And it is a pity that Kasdan does just that. The DVD contains quite a few special features, though none offer much viewing pleasure —deleted scenes, offtakes (that are not quite hilarious), a featurette with Siegel and Timberlake in which the two actors gamely clown around and a rather bland behind-the-scenes look into the car wash scene that is low on information and high on self-congratulation. Keep your expectations low and you will enjoy this uneven comedy.

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