Nokia 701

Posted in Reviews, Science & Tech by Suganth on February 24, 2012

The Nokia 701 doesn’t invite any bells and whistles but its remarkable battery life and brightness, coupled with the NFC technology, make it a sturdy utilitarian device

Nokia’s devices have been running on different versions of the Finnish giant’s own Symbian OS and the Windows Phone OS and Nokia 701 is equipped with the latest in the Symbian line, Belle, and while it gives the phone a marked improvement in terms of UI, it still falls short when it comes to the aesthetic elegance that characterizes the iOS, Windows Mango and even some versions of Android. That said, the Belle also the 701 its distinct look and feel. The phone looks both professional and fancy with the aluminium finish on its sides and back making it sleek. Nokia phones are often known for their amazing battery life and when it comes to mid-level smartphones, the Nokia 701 is clearly the boss in this aspect. I could easily get on without charging for two days, despite heavy use of the phone. The 3.5-inch LCD display with Corning Gorilla Glass and a resolution of 640×360 pixels certainly is the second best feature in the phone. Nokia calls it the ‘Clear Black Display’ and claims the phone to have the brightest screen and we cannot agree more. Despite having the screen on full brightness often, the battery didn’t drain out as it often happens on the Android devices. The phone comes bundled with only a few apps but most, like QuickOffice, Vlingo and Nokia Maps, are really worthy ones. The multimedia capability of the device is also effective. The audio quality is impressive and though the video player cannot play full HD 1080p videos, I couldn’t notice any lag when watching videos of 720p resolution. Even when it comes to gaming, there isn’t much of a lag. The 8-meg, dual LED camera gives quality pics though there it doesn’t have auto focus and records HD videos. The device also has a 0.3 MP front-facing camera. The touch screen has been a sore point in Nokia’s range and while this one ranks among the better ones, I also found it to be restive at times. The keyboard is very tiny and typing out messages/ tweets is certainly a pain. And, no, the Ovi store isn’t going to help you in this regard. One other niggle is that deviating from the current trend of going for universal USB chargers, Nokia has gone for the pin charger, which is certainly odd. And, finally, talking about the device’s bells and whistles feature, NFC, Nokia is doing the right thing by projecting it as a media sharing option than as a fancy utilitarian tool. It not only gets the lay user go ‘wow’ but also helps in getting him acquainted with the tech for more utilitarian (like mobile wallet) purposes.

Price: Rs 18,999

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