Meeravudan Krishna

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Meeravudan Krishna has a decent storyline but the poor execution and unconvincing performances make it a terrible watch

A reluctant Krishna (Krisshna) is forced to marry Meera (Swetha), a doctor, after his mother falls ill. Post marriage, he starts getting anonymous phone calls suggesting that his wife is cheating on him. He starts doubting Meera and when she gets pregnant, it only fuels his suspicions…

Taking up a simple storyline, debutant director Krisshna has come up with a film which feels like a lost opportunity chiefly due to poor execution and unconvincing performances. Yes, he is a debutant in cinema with no exposure to filmmaking, but that alone cannot be an excuse for shoddy storytelling. If only he had tightened the film’s running time to under two hours (one entire flashback sequence in the second half, which takes quite a chunk of the running time, feels totally redundant), this could have been a decent film on marital relationship. But the sloppy editing makes it a butt-numbing experience.

Also, rather than focusing on the relationship between Meera and Krishna, the director spends more time on Krishna, whose character is etched fuzzily. One moment he is portrayed as the epitome of righteousness but the very next, he turns into a psychotic who talks to himself in front of the mirror. And as a performer, Krisshna comes a cropper during the emotional scenes. In fact, you will guffaw seeing some of his reactions during the contrived climax.

Thankfully, Krisshna seems to be aware of the fact that he isn’t hero material and spares us the song-and-dance routine, which comes across as a relief. The film has only two songs which play out mostly in the background. But at the same time, he can’t help having scenes or dialogues that are attempt at self glorification (specifically, the moment he choses to insert his name in the credits). And, he even needlessly takes a dig at ‘Power Star’ Dr Srinivasan, which only comes across as ironic!

The scenes have a strong hint of TV serials, which is only enhanced by the unpolished visuals and melodramatic acting. The feeling you are left with in the end is that of having watched eight episodes of a mega serial on the big screen without a break.

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