Breaking Bad — The Complete First Season

Posted in Cinema, DVD, English, Reviews, TV, Uncategorized by Suganth on July 26, 2014

This impressive debut season sets the tone for the story of a chemistry teacher who learns he has cancer and becomes a drug kingpin to protect his family’s future

​The acclaimed crime drama, which wound up last year, is out on DVD, and this first season provides the setting for what is to come. High school chemistry teacher Walter White gets to know that he has cancer on his 50th birthday and to protect his family’s future, he decides to manufacture drugs with the help of his loafer student Jesse Pinkman. There DVD comes with a lot of special features. You will get very little about the series and its making in the playful audio commentaries. The principal cast is joined by Gilligan and editor Lynne Willingham, and they have a blast making fun of each other, especially during the ‘adult’ moments. There are deleted scenes, but the picture quality dips in a few of these. In Making of Breaking Bad, Inside Breaking Bad and AMC Shootout, the cast and crew talk about how the series in depth. . The interesting screen tests of Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn and Dean Norris reveal that Walt was initially written as a 40-year-old man.

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