Inside Llewyn Davis

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Inside Llewyn Davis is a subtle exposition on how hard reality can squeeze out true artistry

​This Coen Brothers sobre period piece, set during the 1960s folk music scene in New York’s Greenwich Village, is about the titular Llewyn Davis, a folk musician who wants his music to have integrity and doesn’t accept compromises. Ironically, Llewyn doesn’t have the same attitude towards life as such and so, both his professional and personal lives are in shambles. He doesn’t have any place to stay and lives off the couches of sympathetic and indulging friends and acquaintances, who he is also quick to antagonize over music. And, he might also have got the wife of one of his musician friends, who had let him take their couch. The film covers a very difficult period for Llewyn, when he has to come to terms with the failure of his musical career. Elegantly shot by Bruno Delbonnel with fabulous songs in the vein of the Coen Brothers’ O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Inside Llewyn Davis is a subtle exposition on how hard reality can squeeze out true artistry.

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  1. CMrok93 said, on July 27, 2014 at 12:19 am

    The more and more that I thought about this flick, the more I began to love it and realize that the Coen’s, no matter what it is that they do, can do no wrong. Good review.

  2. Suganth said, on August 7, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    Thanks for the reply. So true. The Coens are truly among the modern greats. It’s amazing how many genres they have attempted and yet, each one of their films is distinctly their own.

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