The Lego Movie

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The Lego Movie shows that movies made mainly to sell the toys can also be art and all it takes is ingenuity

the lego movie

Like the Transformers films, The Lego Movie is a commercial-movie — feature-length commercials green-lit by studios mainly to sell the toys. But Chris Miller and Phil Lord show that advertisements can also be art and all it takes is ingenuity. The plot is a cheeky version of ‘the Special One saving the universe’ construct found in many pop culture works (think The Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, The Matrix), with a fine climatic twist, a nod to the intro scene of Toy Story 3. Here, Emmett, a non-descript construct worker, is mistaken to be the Special One by the Master Builders, who are hoping to thwart the plans of the evil Lord Business. Can Emmett save the Lego universe, by bringing together a bunch of iconic characters (from Batman, Superman to Abraham Lincoln) and newer ones — the Gandalf-like Vitruvius, the pirate Metal Beard, Princess Unikitty and the 1980s space guy Kenny? The ‘Extras’ include a sing-along version of the infectious Everything Is Awesome and three prize-winning homemade animated shorts involving Lego characters.
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