Grudge Match

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It seeks to get us excited by pitting two iconic reel-life boxers (and movie stars) against each other, but, despite some lighter scenes, lacks, well… punch

​Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone have played boxers in iconic films (the former in Raging Bull and the latter in Rocky) and this film seeks to get us excited by pitting these two stars against each other. But, rather than use their reel-life characters (think Alien vs Predator), we are provided with two fictional characters — Henry ‘Razor’ Sharp (Stallone) and Billy ‘The Kid’ McDonnen (De Niro). The two have history, having fought against each other in championship matches twice, with each winning one. Razor had mysteriously quit boxing before the third decider and now, 30 years later, the son of their former promoter arranges for what the two have been secretly longing for — a grudge match. Secrets are revealed, relationships are re-established and a sense of completion achieved but the movie, despite some lighter scenes, lacks, well… punch. The sole special feature is the handful of deleted scenes (more like extended scenes) with an introduction by Segal.

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