Thank You For Smoking

Posted in Cinema, DVD, English, Reviews by Suganth on June 15, 2012

Jason Reitman’s delightful debut is a devilishly provocative and subversive film with fabulous performances from an ensemble of great supporting actors

He might not be murdering people, but Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) isn’t much different from Road To Perdition’s Michael Sullivan. Naylor is a lobbyist for tobacco companies and a very good one at that. He doesn’t bat an eyelid about the harmful effects of smoking and through sheer argumentative skills, as one character puts it, can even “disprove gravity”. Naylor is asked to go on a business trip to Hollywood (to bring the sexy back to smoking by negotiating with movie stars to smoke in their films!), and he takes along his teenaged son, Joey (Cameron Bright), who looks up to him as a role model. When Joey questions him about the nature of his work, he makes no bones about it and just replies, “My job requires a certain… moral flexibility.” But, soon, Naylor’s high-flying world comes tumbling down as he is kidnapped and poisoned with so much nicotine that if he ever takes a smoke, he would die. But, worse, his modus operandi is exposed, just before he is supposed to appear before a congressional hearing, by Heather Holloway (Katie Holmes), with whom he has a brief affair. As Naylor breaks down, it is up to Joey to make his father realize the essence of his job — that even the worst offenders have the right to defend.

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