Friends With Benefits

Posted in Cinema, DVD, English, Reviews by Suganth on January 6, 2012

A pleasantly diverting rom-com that realizes its place in the movie universe and doesn’t take itself seriously

What is it that makes us keep watching rom-coms when we very well know from the start how things will turn out in the end? My guess is that they appeal to our romantic side that yearns to forget our Earth-bound obligations and revel in the realm of fantasy. It is this notion that made me have a go at Friends With Benefits while I had watched the same premise (boy and girl decide to be f**k buddies and avoid any emotional baggage) being played out only a few months back as No Strings Attached. The leads in both the films are young and attractive (OK, Justin Timberlake is slightly better than Ashton Kutcher) and these films clearly want you to leave your intellectual side aside when watching them but still, both the films worked for me to an extent that I didn’t find them offensive to my movie-going sensibilities.  And, this one holds a slight edge over the earlier film as it is attuned to the elements of the genre. Like Crazy, Stupid, Love., this film too has the leads commenting on modern-day rom-coms (through a movie-in-a-movie that features the always-dependable Jason Segel) while knowing well that they are in fact treading the same ground. It is pleasantly diverting when a rom-com realizes its place in the movie universe and doesn’t take itself seriously. But what really offended me was how criminally it wastes a talent like Woody Harrelson in an under-written role. The Special Features on the DVD are modest at best — deleted scenes, outtakes and a commentary track featuring Timberlake, Kunis and the director Will Gluck.

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