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Inception is ambitious and the production design and the cinematography are top notch, but the narrative kicks into gear only in the final hour

If Avatar was the most-talked about film of last year, Inception definitely bags the title this year, thanks to its ‘complex’ plot. But sit isn’t quite a mindbender once you start looking at it as a heist movie that has different levels. Cobb, a professional thief who specializes in stealing thoughts and ideas by infiltrating a person’s mind when they are dreaming, is engaged by Saito, a businessman, to put an idea into the mind of his rival’s heir (the inception of the title). So, Cobb assembles a team of dream sharers, and hatches up an elaborate plot that involves dreams within dreams within dreams within dreams (whew!). The film is ambitious and the production design and the cinematography especially are top notch, but only kicks into gear in the final hour which is as stunning as anything that you have seen in commercial cinema. But to get to that you have to bear with Nolan’s how-to-plan-a-heist-in-dreamscape lecture that just describes what you see on the screen via the character’s dialogues. As a DVD (a two-disc special edition one at that), Inception is a bit underwhelming. Yes, this has quite a few special features. ‘Inception:  The Cobol Job’, an animated prologue to the film is definitely a must watch as is the fascinating 45-minute documentary ‘Dreams: Cinema Of The Subconscious’, in which experts talk about dreams (one even tells you how to have lucid dreams – dreams that you can be aware of even as you are dreaming!) and their function in our lives. It also has selected pieces from Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack in 5.1 format that should keep audiophiles happy. Plus, there are routine features like theatrical trailers, TV spots and conceptual art gallery. But for a film that is structured differently, a director’s commentary is sorely missed. It would have given a peek into Nolan’s mind. Also, the lack of interviews with the cast and crew for a much-discussed film is baffling.

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