The Wolf Of Wall Street

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Martin Scorsese’s companion piece to GoodFellas. Period.

​In many ways, The Wolf Of Wall Street is a companion piece to Martin Scorsese’s GoodFellas. Both movies are adapted from real-life stories — if the latter was about a wide-eyed young man’s rise and fall in the world of gangsters, this one is about an ambitious guy’s rise and fall in the world of white collar crime. And, both the films capture the glamour, the excesses, the false camaraderie and the chaos in their respective worlds. Here, Jordan Belfort, an out-of-college young man, is taken in by the philosophy of stock broker Mark Hanna, and enters the world of stock broking only with the intention of getting rich quick. He does get rich and lives in extravagance but soon, the law catches up with his decadence. The film is almost three hours long and a little indulgent but it moves at a frenetic pace. There are three special features, and each involves the cast and crew talking about the film, that they give the impression of actually being part of one larger feature.

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