2 Guns

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A cops and robbers tale that’s so convoluted but the two Ws keep us watching

2 Guns opens with Robert Trench (Washington) and Michael Stigman (Wahlberg) planning rob $3 million from a bank. But, hold on, they are not criminals! Trench is working undercover for the DEA while Stigman, who is a Navy SEAL, has been entrusted with the task by his boss Harold Quince. The two do not know each other’s real identities and intend to let the other person take the blame. But they are in for a shock when they realize, during the robbery, that the bank actually has $43 million in its hold. Soon, both the DEA and the SEALs are after them, along with the Mexican drug lord Papi Greco, and Trench and Stigman must find out the reason why these guys are after them. And, somewhere, the CIA too is in the mix. Yes, it is THAT convoluted but the two Ws keep us watching, well, sort of. The DVD comes with a few deleted/extended scenes as ‘Extras’.

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