Fruitvale Station

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A quietly powerful film that never sensationalizes or sentimentalizes this subject, but lets human undercurrents guide it

​A much-feted film on the awards circuit, Fruitvale Station is based on the real-life shooting of a black man by a police officer even though he hadn’t committed any crime. The film opens with real footage of Oscar Grant being shot at the Fruitvale Station. Then, we get to see what was happening in Oscar’s life on that day. He isn’t a saint exactly — he has done time in prison, had an extra-marital fling and is still pushing drugs. However, his close-knit family, which includes his loving mother Wanda, caring wife Sophie and most importantly, his love for his daughter Tatiana, are forcing him to turn over a new leaf. And, ironically, it is the decisions that are taken by his wife and mom that leads him to Fruitvale Station, where he will meet his ill-fated death. Though we know how it ends, we are still stunned and left heartbroken at how a human life is unfairly lost. And, Coogler never sensationalizes or sentimentalizes this subject but lets the human undercurrents guide this quietly powerful film.

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