Is Instagram Overrated?

Posted in Reviews, Science & Tech by Suganth on April 13, 2012

Despite its billion-dollar buyout by Facebook, Instagram is a vastly overrated app

Now, this is one app that has witness over five million downloads ever since its launch on the Android platform. That is not surprising considering the almost fanatic following that it has among the iPhone and iPad users. So much so that, the Apple fanboys are now upset that this Android version has taken away their exclusivity. And now, Facebook has gone ahead and bought the whole enterprise for a whopping $1 billion. But trust us when we tell us that Instagram isn’t really what it is made out to be. While it is one of the earliest and effective photo editing and sharing apps, the Android platform currently has much better ones like the amazing Pixlr-O-Matic which offers far more filters, layers and borders (with the possibility of at least two million finishes!) than Instagram. The one area where Instagram scores is that its users have a community where they can share their works and check out photos of other users (which is where it will come in handy for Facebook). Go for it if you want to get that false sense of exclusivity or just to get a hang of what the fuss is all about.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

Now, here’s an alternative to Instagram that you should check out…

Pix: Pixel Mixer

Now, here’s one more reason why Instagram is a bit redundant in the Android sphere. With a unique GUI that will make even wow iPhone app developers, Pix is a very simple and effective photo editing and sharing app. Where it stands from the rest is that it allows you overlay upto three layers of filters on to an image. You can even you’re your favourite effects so that the next time you just have to tap right away for your fav effect. Though the effects (30 filters, 24 layers and 16 frames) are a bit limited, we expect this to change once the updates roll in.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

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