A Marriage Of Two Mediums

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Film and television actors share a symbiotic relationship today

When actor Suriya decided to host Neengalum Vellalaam Oru Kodi, it certainly symbolized the growing stature of television. Here was a star, who was in the prime of his stardom, choosing to switch to a medium that was the place where stars who were on the wane — those with no market in trade parlance — went to make their livelihood. The move also signaled the fact that, like their Bollywood counterparts, K-Town’s stars had at last woken up to the reach of the small screen.

The list of film stars who have ventured into the small screen and tasted success in varying degrees includes Sarathkumar, Sathyaraj, Suriya, Suresh, Vivekh, Radhikaa Sarathkumar, Khushbu, Simran, Devayani, Suhasini and Rohini to name a few.

Florent Pereira, the general manager of a leading private television channel, feels that films and television have been interdependent right from Day One. “Films and stars need TV as a platform to promote their films while TV needs them for content as the people of Tamil Nadu are crazy about cinema,” he explains.

He agrees that the situation was far different earlier from what it is currently. “Even five years back, there was a strong misconception among film stars and personalities that it was below their dignity to work in television. But stars like Khushbu have showed that while the two media might be different, their goal remains the same — to entertain the viewers. Today, film stars have understood that coexistence between the two media is the need of the hour. So much so that now, they come to the studio to promote their films,” he says.

Interestingly, this relationship is also proving to a win-win situation for both film and television actors. Filmmakers, on their part, have realized the popularity of television stars and have cast them in films to great success. The most recent one is Sivakarthikeyan, a TV star who was cast by director Pandiraj in Marina and is now currently a part of almost half-a-dozen films.

The biggest success story from the small screen in recent times is certainly comedian Santhanam, who likens the transition of television stars to the big screen to that of stage actors turning to films in yesteryears. He says that next to Bollywood, it is in Tamil cinema that one can see a co-existence of stars from the big and small screens today.

So, what does a TV star need to make it big in films? “It depends on how you position yourself in the television medium. When I started doing television, I cultivated the image of a guy next door who is incredibly funny and offers for films came up, I ensured that I carried forward this concept by adapting it for the big screen as well,” says Santhanam.

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