Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

Posted in Cinema, DVD, English, Reviews by Suganth on November 25, 2011

Michael Bay’s latest installment in the overblown action franchise is also the best in the trilogy, but that isn’t saying much

If I pop the question ‘Where do you find Frances McDormand, John Turturro and John Malkovich together?’ and if your reply is ‘In a film by the Coen Brothers’, I wouldn’t fault you, despite the fact that you are totally wrong. As shocking and surprising it might be, this trio of seasoned actors is actually part of Michael Bay’s latest installment in the overblown action monstrosity that is the Transformers franchise. Interestingly, this film also happens to be the best in the trilogy. Though I don’t mean this in high praise, it is still a fact that I cannot help point out. So, what makes the Dark Of The Moon better? Not surprisingly, it is the trio from the Coen Brothers Company, who seem to have had a blast (going gleefully over the top while also pocketing nice pay cheques) amidst all the innumerable explosions on screen. Any scene that doesn’t have any one of these three actors looks fairly uninteresting and it is only during such scenes that you realize what good actors can do to even the most insipid of dialogues. For contrast, you have to look no further than Rosie Huntington Whiteley, the British model with the bee-stung lips, who makes Megan Fox (whom she replaces) look like an acting thespian. It is hard to find a more hilarious expression than the one that she gives in a shot during the film’s climatic battle scenes, which Bay strangely — and unwisely — holds for quite a few seconds. Pity that this time, Bay even has a semblance of an intriguing plot, with a bit of alternate history thrown in — the astronauts of the moon mission finding an alien on the moon! If you relish loud and frenetic action set pieces punctuated with functional (and often trite) dialogues, you are certainly going to love this. For the rest, this is at best a guilty pleasure best enjoyed when you have nothing else to do.

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